Research and Development

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Introducing the most
advanced researchand
development projects.

Ginza Tomato has been involved in joint research and development with research institutions, universities, cosmetic manufacturers, and food companies from both within the country and abroad ever since its establishment. We are currently conducting research and development on a wide range of technologies in the areas of cosmetics and food.
We have an especially long history of research on the RawMaterial of cosmetic and food products, so we can offer support for the entire process starting with the evaluation of RawMaterial and productization to sales. If your company is considering developing cosmetic or food products using RawMaterial only available here such as rose placenta, or if your company is planning to enter the market, please contact us.

Raw Material Sale

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The Raw Material Sales
Department of Ginza Tomato
supplies products
we developed originally
by our own know-how

Ginza Tomato’s RawMaterial selling business offers products with insured safety and reliability for a wide range of products, including RawMaterial our researchers have developed independently such as rose placenta and shark collagen.
Through the company’s long history, our experts have developed an eye for telling the finest quality apart, so we are absolutely dedicated to providing the best products.
Our products have countless applications in the cosmetic and health food industries and are used by numerous cosmetic and health food manufacturers both within the country and abroad.

Characteristics of OEM / PB

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We are able to
make a safe cosmetics
and food for you.

We have continued providing products for the pursuit of beauty that put the utmost care into people’s eyes and hands, starting with our very own original cosmetic products, health food, and professional-use products for esthetic salons. We do everything from accepting orders of OEM / PB cosmetics from small lots, original label designs from a full-time designer, and any other part of the process of developing and selling a product.
We will support high quality product development while keeping the costs low to answer the economic needs of customers.

Product business content

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Ginza Tomato,
aside from its RawMaterial
selling business,
also develops
its own products.

Ginza Tomato, aside from its RawMaterial selling business, also develops its own products.
Ginza Tomato, in order to insure safety and reliability for its customers, does almost the entire process from developing RawMaterial to putting the final product in the hands of customers with its very own staff. Because we manufacture each product with our own hands and pour our hearts into it, we can ensure safety and reliability with confidence.
The Ginza Tomato Stock Company Group is looking for sellers interested in becoming authorized dealers of its products.
Cosmetics and food are things that go directly onto a customer’s skin or directly into their mouths. Therefore, we believe there are many dealers that are looking for a brand with a reputation for safety. At the same time, in order to convince customers to become repeaters, we need customers to really feel the effectiveness and efficacy of our products.
The Ginza Tomato Group puts its experience of product development into use and offers products we have dealt with starting from the ingredients.
If you are interested, please fill out the required information on the form and send it to us. We will contact you promptly.